Sample Alerts:

A muffin for breakfast and a donut before lunch... What is this? Your birthday? Swap it up for oatmeal and a banana to keep the engine burning clean
There is a visible difference between not working out and doing 15 push ups every day. Make 15 push ups your new ‘not working out’
Golden rule: keep your chest size bigger than your waist size, 38” and up spells trouble for heart disease
Your brain on nature: less stressed, happier and healthier. Regular forest walks can increase memory and attention by 20%, ramp up your creativity, and lower your risk of heart attack. So what are you waiting for? .. get out there nature boy. #woo
Half fries. Half Salad. Brag about it.
It’s not a fashion show - it’s the show up show. Improve your odds of getting some gym time by having 2 sets of workout clothes, keeping one at work and one at home. Grab some old sneakers and a t-shirt to supplement your gear.
Be good at stress. Recent research suggest that stress is bad for you when you BELIEVE it is bad for you. Heart pounding.. Rapid breathing.. Mind racing .. Reframe these responses as positive. Let your body energize and enable you to rise to a challenge
So what’s for lunch, food? Or an edible food like-substance? If your great grammie wouldn’t recognize it as food, or it has ingredients you can’t pronounce, you’ve probably got your answer