Three real men reflecting on mistakes made, lessons learned and what makes a good life.

The Dadtalks sessions are panel and Q&A events that bring together men (AND women) to discuss what makes a good life. Each month we invite three leaders to our panel to speak openly on health, wealth, relationships and purpose.  The sessions explore how to navigate the difficult decisions we face today by unpacking the greatest challenges and successes of three good men before us.

All proceeds raised from the session go directly to funding the weekly Hunk Alert. Women are encouraged to attend and add their voice to the conversation!  


Next Event: Dadtalks 4.0 Wednesday July 12th @ 7pm. Hit the image for more details.


The sessions are open to all. Our intention is to spark conversations across generations and connect engaged, like-minded folks.  Expect reassurances, reality checks and bevys in hand.    


A big thanks to our sponsors!